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Absolute Women

In a parallel world, about 20,000 women on Earth were affected by a powerful magnetic field that crossed Earth on December, 21th, 2012. The result was a dramatic increase of their physical durability, stamina and strength.
Aged from 15 to 48 years and from very different backgrounds, the only common point between all these women was their very attractive physical appearance before their mutations.
Bigger, more beautiful and extremely stronger, the "ABSOLUTE WOMEN" as the world began to call them for their power as for their beauty, changed earth destiny.
Some have chosen good and justice in protecting the weak, while others turned to evil, using their tremendous strength to kill people and destroy entire cities...
So war broke out between the two camps, leaving millions dead and eliminating half of AW.
It was only after the Earth attack by aliens that AW stopped the fight to finally unite in a world organization named UAW (United Absolute Women) which mission is to protect the world from any danger...

Note : All photos on this site are taken from the internet and all models are presumed to be over 18 years of age. Sometimes, we changed deliberately some models identities, but it's just for our universe fantasies.
May 31 '13
"We are sexy, beautiful and extremely strong !"

"We are sexy, beautiful and extremely strong !"

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